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Service Waiver

Dumpster Use:

  1. While refuse dumpsters are in your possession, you will NOT place or allow them to be placed into the dumpster:

    1. Substances hazardous to health such as toxic or corrosive materials or liquids.

    2. Liquids of any kind whether contained or not.

    3. Cans, drums or other containers of any kind unless emptied and crushed and incapable of carrying any liquid.

    4. Medical waste or animal carcasses of any kind.

    5. Any material not listed above however is considered unsuitable for containment e.g. malodorous waste: asbestos, paint, tires, gas bottle, vehicle batteries, household appliances that contain freon (such as but not limited to refrigerator, freezer or condensing unit)

    6. Extremely heavy material such as rock, dirt, or concrete. Please let us know and we can help you dispose of such heavy items in a more efficient manner.

  2. All refuse shall remain within the confines of the dumpster and shall not exceed the top or sides. Every attempt shall be taken to equally disperse the weight of the refuse within the dumpster.

  3. Customer shall be liable for any loss or damage to rented equipment in excess of reasonable wear and tear.

Access and Ground Conditions:

  1. The Customer will be responsible for the provision of free and suitable access to and from the delivery site (including the removal and reinstatement of local obstructions) and for ensuring suitable ground conditions for delivery, placement and removal of the dumpster. No responsibility will be accepted for the damage to any surface and you should therefore take steps to protect surfaces (e.g. paving slabs, soft ground) before delivery.

  2. Should the container cause damage to concrete or asphalt during loading or unloading. BHDR is only responsible if this is due to our negligence. We have specifically identified that heavy containers may cause damage and that the placement of these heavy containers.

  3. Should the Customer fail to return the container, BHDR maintains the right to enter upon the premises where the container may be without notice and take possession of and remove it at the Customer’s expense, all without legal process, the Customer hereby waives any claims for damages from any such entry or removal.

Pricing and Payments

  1. Customer is responsible for any additional fees assessed by the landfill for certain items such as tires, appliances, etc.

  2. The container rental includes use for number of days specified on the reservation. If the container is kept longer than reserved, there will be an additional fee of $40 per day.

  3. Payment for all base fees as well as any known additional rental time will be due upon delivery of the container. Any additional fees due to overweight or other fees not paid upon delivery are due within 14 days of container pick up.

  4. Any unpaid balance after 14 days will start to accrue 15% interest from the date of container pick up until paid in full. There will be a minimum of a $25 late fee.

  5. If paying by check and the check is returned for insufficient funds from the banking institution, the Customer is responsible for any returned check fees.

Thank you for completing the waiver! You will receive email confirmation of agreement momentarily.

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